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Songwriting Tips & Tricks

One of the basic and important aspect of a song writing that we often forget is itself

What is “song”?

# song writing

Song writing is the most important part of any song making and there’s always those song writing that always work like cover songs and collaborating with a new song writer.

# one of the basic part of a song writing is “lyrics”

Lyrics is the amazing part about song writing. By writing powerful lyrics you can connect with your audience on a personal level. And connecting with your listeners is the perfect way to build a fan base.





These are all emotions that you can include in your lyrics to convey your audience that what you have to say. And it can also help you to set the stage. So write as few lyrics as possible.

# you have to be creative

Being creative is not an ability that you have or you don’t. It is not either a talent. But it is something that provoke you to create your own way of operating things.

# find your inspiration

You can find inspiration from anywhere whether you are travelling or roaming around here and there. But you always must remember that every song has a story, even if the song has nothing to do with the source of its inspiration. But never loose your inspiration even if you can’t come up with a perfect lyrics or song.

# think outside your comfort zone

I know it sounds a bit cliché or different. But when nothing logical is working, why not try something illogical. Like playing more than one song at a time on different speakers that means you are leaving part of your writing process to complete chance.

# set a time limit

We all know time is a hard scale to balance. If we get too much time we end up second guessing everything and if we get too little time we get nothing done. In that case, you have to set a time limit and force yourself to work on a time constraints. Even better, set a time limit way shorter that what you usually write on.

# strategy

Once you set your time limit thereafter comes the strategy a plan that you use in order to achieve your goal. Let’s say : If your song is about love put that in centre of your map and add words around it like faith, trust, feelings etc. That might surely help you to get the idea and you can easily convey your emotions to the audience.

Author: Shikha Mallik

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