Guidelines to prepare your track for Mixing & Mastering

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Check out the guidelines to prepare your track for Mixing & Mastering.

Send your track for mixing / mastering !

1.) Make your drums and vocals the loudest elements in your track.

We think vocals and drums should be the loudest elements in a song.



It gives your track the groove and foundation, so those should be relatively loud compared to the other elements.


In most genres’ vocals are the most important element.

Therefore, the vocals need to be the loudest to help cut through the other elements in the track and make the lyrics and melody more memorable.

Don’t believe me?

Pull out some of your famous tracks & notice that the vocal & drum are always the loudest element.

2)Audio levels

Don’t export your track too loud because the mastering process won’t be able to make it much louder & you’ll end up with a song that sounds