Mixing a Song Tips and Tricks

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

When it comes to mixing & mastering a track , whether its a music producer or an artist everyone is afraid for various obvious reasons which includes various technical & non-technical aspects to improve the sound quality of overall mix.

Below are some quick tips & tricks which anyone can apply to create a better version of their track :

1) Volume Levels

Yes! the fundamental of Mixing is adjusting the volume levels of each and every track

( stem ) according to their role in the song. Which sound the artist want in the front of the listener should have more volume level & the sound elements which artist want in the background should have less volume level.

Pro tip:

Always make sure that Drums & Vocals are the Loudest element of your track.

Check your reference songs while adjusting the volume levels ( try to match the same volume levels of your instruments).

2) EQ (Equalisation)

1)Yes! simply removing all unnecessary low end frequency (generally below 100 - 1.5k hz) (depends on instrument to instrument)

can help you removing the overall muddiness of your mix .

Pro tip:

Removing low end of : Vocals, synth, instruments like guitar , piano , pads etc can help removing the muddiness of your track.

Don't remove too much of low end, sometimes it removes the smoothness (warmness) of the song so keep a check on that.

2) Enhance high end ( 15000 - 20000 hz) frequency of specially vocals or any instrument which you want to give some air or want to keep that in-front of your listener.

3) Remove harsh frequencies: There are a lot